The creation of our foundation

[On October 1, 2004, three entrepreneurs (“iron farmers”) founded the Mago Foundation; the main objective was to establish a Polytechnic School in Mago, a small village in one of the poorest areas in Western Kenya.

The aim at this school was to give the very poorest youth, mainly orphans, the opportunity to learn a trade during a two-year, state-recognized training course and thus face a better future. Mainly due to the down-to-earth, driven approach of the three entrepreneurs, the Mago Polytechnic School was able to open its doors in 2005 and since then more than 1,500 young people have graduated and in many cases have been able to work as a car mechanic, construction worker, tailor, metal worker. ed

Much more has been achieved in the past 10 years. In 2007 a hotel school was opened, including a Guesthouse where the students can gain the necessary practical experience in addition to theory.

A water pump was installed on the school grounds, making clean and safe water available to the residents of Mago free of charge; there is a large vegetable greenhouse and a chicken farm and a school food project is underway. As a result of this project 1000 primary school children in and around Mago receive a daily lunch.

In September 2012, the Rainbow Boarding House was opened: an opportunity for students who live far away (sometimes more than 1½ hours walk) to spend the night for a small fee.

Finally, we gave the Mago Care Foundation the opportunity to build a medical aid station on our site. This aid station has been providing since July 15th. in the essential primary medical care for people in Mago and the surrounding area.

Unfortunately, one of the founders of the Foundation, Jan Gort, passed away in 2013 after a short period of illness. He remains in our memory as an inspiring executive colleague who contributed with great dedication to the realization of our projects.

The Foundation is proud of everything that has been achieved in the past 10 years, partly due to the active contribution of the staff of the Mago Polytechnic. But above all, the Foundation would like to express its deep gratitude to all individuals and companies who have made everything possible through their contributions. Our most important motto was, is and will remain:


a given Euro is fully spent in Mago


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Puuten, September 30 september 2014