Polytechnic School

You can follow us on facebook and instagram: -: -: The MAGO POLYTECHNIC SCHOOL PROJECT gives young people an opportunity to build their future through learning a trade. Those who do not have the money to learn a trade after primary school can go here. The students will also follow an extensive information program about HIV and AIDS in order to try to prevent further spread.



Mago Guesthouse offers an oasis of peace and a way out from the noise and bustle of the city. Experience the unique service in a comfortable stay for a friendly price in the Mago Guesthouse on the school grounds of Mago Youth Polytechnicschool.

Local Support

Local support

To support the local population, the foundation has also started several projects. A FOOD PROJECT at 4 primary schools. Clean DRINKING WATER for the whole village.

Mago care

Mago Care

The foundation wants to improve medical facilities in Mago by building a medical post in the village. In mid-2014, the foundation ensured that good housing was provided, with all necessary resources and instruments and a qualified medical staff. With the construction of a medical center, in which doctors, a dentist, a laboratory technician and a pharmacy are located, the foundation wants to give the local population the opportunity to see a doctor in time for treatment or a referral to a hospital. Due to the lack of this local medical facility, too many people die unnecessarily.