General information about Mago Polytechnic

General information about Mago Polytechnic

Our target audience

The Mago Polytechnic school offers opportunities to the very poorest: children from families with no income or with minimal income who have to live in the most dire circumstances, almost always without running water, electricity and in poor huts. By offering these children an affordable education, they have a chance of a future!


The school is doing more

In Kenya HIV / AIDS and hunger are a regular part of everyday life. That is why the Mago Polytechnic School pays a lot of attention to these aspects.



The Mago Polytechnic school currently has approximately 200 students. The students follow a 2-year course and then take a state exam.


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Different courses

At our school we provide various courses such as: Automotive engineering in combination with welding and metal engineering, Bricklaying in combination with carpentry and painting, Hairdresser in combination with clothing making and design. Agricultural training is the last course we started.

People can also come to us for computer lessons, there are 24 computers in the room where the students can acquire basic knowledge.

At our hotel school we teach the students the hotel trade in a very broad sense, from room care to serving guests. The preparation of meals is also taught to the students by our chef.