200 students on there way to a better future

200 students on there way to a better future

The Mago Polytechnic school currently has approximately 200 students. The students follow a 2-year course and then take a state exam. With a diploma they have a chance of work and a good future.


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Sponsor a student

On our school the students have to pat schoolfee, and they also need a uniform and safety shoes. The total amount of costs is 195 a year. Not every body can pay this. Maybee like to sponsor a student, it will cost you 17 euro a month or 195 euro a year. There are also students who life very far from school. For this students we have the poibility to hostel them. The cost for the hostel are 150 euro for the first year and 75 euro for the second year. Because they are on atachment then.

In our board Berry van Teeffelen will manage the sponsoring, He keep you informed about the student you are sponsoring.

His mailaddress is : bteeffelen@stichtingmago.nl


We hope you will work with us to give a student a better future.


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Sponsor a student

Storys behind our students

Many of our students have a difficult past........


Jane Kageha
Ik ben erg dankbaar dat ik deze kans gekregen heb
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Mijn opleiding is autotechniek