Welcome to Mago Polytechnic, the school that gives the underprivileged a chance in society!

Kenya is a country with more than 43 million inhabitants, located on the coast of East Africa. In the south lies the seaside town of Mombasa, slightly more inland is the capital Nairobi. If you look a little further than the most obvious tourist attractions such as the safari parks and the white sandy beach of Mombasa, you will discover that there is even more to see in this country. For example, those who head to Kisumu will pass through a beautiful landscape where coffee beans and tea leaves are grown on large fields and where Lake Victoria stretches between the hilltops. Yet the beautiful landscape offers no comfort for the poverty, crime and prostitution that are also common in this part of Kenya. Income in this region is low and AIDS and malaria cause many victims. In order to provide for their own livelihood, people need to learn a trade, but more than half of the children are unable to attend secondary school after primary school. The reason for this is that education in primary school is free, but further education must be paid for. For children who have lost their parents due to the AIDS epidemic or malaria, this is not affordable anyway. There are also many children whose parents cannot afford further education, they earn just enough to have something to eat every day. To ensure that in and around Mago, a town just north of Kisumu, there is a future for these children, the school project has been started. Through donations to primary and secondary schools, many children are given the opportunity to receive education with minimal means. Because a large group of children who are completely unable to follow education, the MAGO POLYTECHNIC SCHOOL PROJECT has also been started.


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