Mago Guesthouse can be reached from Nairobi by plane to Kisumu and then by car or bus.

All the way from Nairobi by car is also about 350 km through the beautiful Great Rift Valley in the direction of Kisumu, Kakamega, Eldoret or Kitale. The Guesthouse is located 35 km north of Kisumu and 23 km south of the Kakamega rainforest.


There are 3 routes possible


Nairobi - Nakuru - Kericho - Kisumu - Chavakali - Mago

Nairobi - Nakuru - Mau Samit- Eldoret - Kapsabet - Mago

Turkana - Kitale  - Webuye - Kakamega - Chavakali - Mago