Activities near the guesthouse

Activities near the guesthouse

Activities on the school grounds:


A guided tour of the Mago Polytechnic complex and discussions with the students.

Learn to cook delicious local dishes from our Catering & Hospitality students.

Enjoy and participate in a foot, volley or basketball game with the students.


Activities outside the school grounds:


Experience the local market and get in touch with the friendly residents.

Together with the students through the beautiful surroundings.

Visit the local tea factory and plantation and learn how tea is picked, ground and enjoy a fresh cup of tea.

A walk through the unique Kakamega rainforest, with more than 330 bird species, butterflies, snakes and monkeys.

Visit the waterfalls of Kaimosi and enjoy a picnic lunch.

A visit to the informative Kisumu museum.

Visit the largest and most diverse market in Kenya.

See the unique Bullfights close to Kakamega in Sigalagala.

Visit Barack Obama's grandmother's house less than 1.5 hours from us.

Boat trips on Lake Victoria to Ndere Island National park, famous for its spotted crocodile.

Enjoy the birds at the Bird Sanctuary of Kisumu or visit the Impala Sanctuary for lions, leopards, hyenas and other wildlife.


in Kaimosi vind je deze mooie waterval
Thee plantage
De plantage van de theefabriek in maudet
De markt
Een kraampje op de markt